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Spectrum Centre
Shankill Road


The Spectrum Centre opened on the 30th October 2001. It is a realisation of the Greater Shankill Partnership and it’s members. The catchment area for the centre covers the entire greater Shankill district and Belfast itself.

The centre sits on a site formerly occupied by the Stadium Cinema; in fact the main hall with its cinema screen is practically in the same position as the interior of the old cinema. The building is a major facility independent of Government or Central Government. The outward appearance of Spectrum gives no indication of its 3,700 square metres which includes a main auditorium capable of hosting events ranging from concerts film shows, craft fairs, seminars, conferences and children’s activities. Some of the past concerts have included Flash Harry, The Drifters, The Regimental Concert of The Royal Irish Regiment and drama including The Humour of the Troubles a one man show performed by Martin Lynch himself. Resident dance groups operate in the Spectrum Centre

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